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I am passionate about helping people understand the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives! That’s why in 2015, my wife, Chelsey, and I began a traveling teaching ministry with a vision of loving people from where they are to where they are going. In addition to preaching, I also hold Worship Weekends to help develop worship leaders and their teams.

I have always known that I was called to be in the ministry. I preached my first sermon at the age of 15, was licensed and ordained by my church when I was 17, and moved to Tulsa, OK to attend Bible college when I was 19.

While at bible school I served as part of the Kenneth Hagin Ministries worship team. After graduating, I served as the associate and worship pastor for Victory Fellowship in Fredericksburg, Texas, where Chelsey and I were instrumental in helping start a two-year ministry school. In 2011 I founded the annual Transcend Worship Conference, with the desire to equip and train worship leaders and their teams so they could better fulfill their work.

Through teaching, preaching and leading worship I am working to help people to experience God’s unconditional love and the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit. We are taking the message of the Holy Spirit and Prayer to this generation. It is our heart’s desire to go where the Lord will send us, so that we may “impart some spiritual gift to the churches that they might be established.” – Romans 1:11

“God loves you so much that He can’t stand life without you! That’s why He sent Jesus – so He wouldn’t have to!” – Tim Brown

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