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“Wisdom? Or Foolishness Masquerading As Wisdom?”

  From the beginning, I have been opposed to the government lockdowns, “social distancing”, and forced house-arrest, I mean self-quarantines. My reasoning is that it is illegal! Our Constitution forbids it! It is immoral, and as we’ve seen and will continue to...

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Should Christians Continue to Assemble During A Crisis?

For many American churches, March 15 was the last time they physically assembled for public worship, due to the mandates of the United States government and many state and local authorities regarding the COVID-19 “pandemic”. There have been, however, a few churches...

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Podcast Hosting

Just like your website, each podcast needs to be hosted somewhere. From the host site, each episode is published to all the different podcast platforms.

I personally use as my go-to hosting. Below is a chart of their pricing options. (This will be an additional monthly fee.)

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