From the beginning, I have been opposed to the government lockdowns, “social distancing”, and forced house-arrest, I mean self-quarantines.

My reasoning is that it is illegal! Our Constitution forbids it! It is immoral, and as we’ve seen and will continue to see, it has had far more devastating results than the virus. (I know that’s a bold statement. I’ll explain how I’ve come to that conclusion as we go along.) It was a major overreaction. (We are now beginning to see the stats to back that up.) It was an overreach and power grab. But most of all, it was unwise!

I cannot count how many times I have heard “we need to be wise here” or “we need to follow wisdom”. I was told it was “unwise” not to follow the mandates set by the government. “We just don’t know what this virus is going to do so the wise thing to do would be shut everything down until we can get a better idea.”

Mariam-Webster defines wisdom as insight, judgment, and good sense. Biblical wisdom, not only has an attribute of knowledge but also carries the idea of foresight. Think of Joseph building barns to store the grain during the years of plenty so they would have food during the famine. He could see ahead and made decisions accordingly.

Using the aforementioned definitions of wisdom, were the government-mandated shutdowns wise? No, not at all! Let me explain.

It doesn’t take much brainpower to look ahead a little and determine that shutting down the entire economy would have devastating results! People who worked their whole lives to build a business will lose it. Unemployment will skyrocket. Entire industries will be obliterated. The economy will come crashing down.

What about all the kids who are now at home because they can’t go to school or daycare? Even if their parents could still work, now they have to care for their kids at home all day, adding extra stress to the family.

What about the families who are living paycheck to paycheck? How quickly will they run out of money for basic necessities?

What about the couples who are now stuck in the same house together all day? I’m not being sarcastic here – this is a serious issue. We have already seen a huge surge in domestic violence.

What about the people who need medical attention but cannot get it, due to reserving hospitals and staff solely for covid-19 patients?

All of this, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the devastation that would follow.

About now is when you hear, “But millions of people are going to die! You don’t care about people’s lives! All you care about is money! You’re so selfish!”

First, let’s set something straight. Seeing the devastating results of a shutdown, and not wanting to send the nation spiraling into another great depression, or worse, does not equal “not caring about people” or “wanting people to die”, and to suggest such a thing is absolute foolishness!

However, I think we should consider this issue from a different point of view. Where did we get the information we have about the virus? How did they know that “millions are going to die”? (Of course, we are now beginning to see how wrong they were). How did they know that this virus is 10x worse than the flu? How did they know that the shutdowns would be effective? The answer may surprise you.

All of the decisions made by the government regarding the coronavirus were informed by computer-generated projections. In other words, information was input into the computer, the computer then calculated the numbers and made those projections. So where did the numbers come from that were input into the computer? Surely, there was some scientific data to inform that right? No doubt experiments were conducted to verify what we were actually working with? Nope! None of that happened.

This is not a scientific blog, so I’ll refrain from going into detail about what the doctors and scientists did. However, initially there were no conclusive tests done to verify the virus was, in fact, causing the sickness. They just assumed it was a virus and began calling it “Covid-19”. Now, I’m no scientist but even I can figure out that assumption is not the same as scientific conclusions!

The numbers that were input into the computer which projected certain death for millions were made up! It was based on presumption, assumption, opinion, and speculation. Hardly scientific! These computer projections have been the bases for all the government decisions to shut us down!

Is that wisdom? Is that insight, judgment, foresight, or good sense? I know that hindsight is 20/20, but did we have to go through all of this just to come to the point where we start asking questions about what’s really going on instead of taking it for granted that the “experts” were right?

What would have been wise would be to ask more questions. “Were the proper scientific protocols followed to know for certain this virus is causing the sickness? Can you show me the science that led you to this conclusion? Where did the numbers come from? Oh, you made them up? Well, here’s what we’re going to do. Let’s inform the public that there is a situation, so everyone should practice proper hygienic principles. Let’s give them a recipe of minerals and vitamins that will help boost their immune system since the best way to fight this is a strong immune system. We’ll give it some time to see how things happen. If things progress and get worse, we can make necessary adjustments, but if they don’t we’ll have saved ourselves from great difficulty. And in the meantime, we’ll make sure the proper scientific protocols are followed to determine exactly what is causing this sickness.”

Would you buy a house or a car without reading the fine print or asking questions? Can you afford to pay for it? Is the value of what you’re getting worth the price you’re paying? Would you go into business with someone without reading the contract or making sure that you’re both getting a good deal? Of course you wouldn’t! That’s called being prudent! Yet, we were told that it was the wise thing to do to just go along blindly, not asking any questions.

Dear friend, gullibility is not a fruit of the Spirit. Naïveté is not a Christian virtue. The Bible calls us to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove (Matthew 10:16). There are some saying that it may have been an overreaction, but now we know, so we can learn from it and make the necessary adjustments. No, friend, this WAS an overreaction, not may have been. But what’s worse is we didn’t have to make this mistake to realize it was a bad plan. I don’t have to shoot myself to know that’s not going to end well.

That leads one to ask just exactly why our leaders didn’t have the same “good sense” that I just described? Speaking frankly, if they don’t have the prudence to reason this out, why have we elected them to be the leaders of our nation?

Here’s why I say these decisions are immoral. I don’t believe our leaders are so incompetent that they couldn’t figure this out. If they are smart enough to know these certain outcomes we just discussed, it would seem like this was intentional, not accidental. Why did they choose to do what they did? As Americans, I think it is our right and our duty to ask these questions?

I don’t know what was behind the decision making. I won’t waste our time theorizing over the why’s and who’s. I will say this, however. What was done was not wisdom. Perhaps it would better be described as foolishness masquerading as wisdom.

It’s time for us to stand up and push back against the egregious things that have been perpetrated against our nation! It starts with getting informed of the real facts. Look beyond what we’re being told to what’s really going on. Think for yourself. Ask questions. And hold our leaders accountable to their oath to defend and preserve the Constitution!




























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